Wood has been our business for years. For over years we have been transforming one of the best products of nature – wood – into one of the best products on the market. With our associated company in China, Thailand & India, we are able to execute any kind of requirements in wood.

We have put all our skill, passion, and experience into this work: Ours is a true journey, one that begins with a tree and ends inside a home or office. We start with the careful job of selecting raw materials, which enables us to obtain the best that nature has to offer. What we select and then shape to satisfy the demanding eye of the customer becomes the clothing of our product.

Within our product beats a heart, the core, which receives the same care and attention from the initial processing to the final touches, through careful assembling, the technical choices made to guarantee a long-lasting product, and the subsequent processes and final exterior finish. But all the care that goes into making a joinery product is not enough for us, because as soon as it is finished, the testing begins. It may seem incredible, but we almost spend more time making sure that we have constructed a product that meets our standards than we do actually making it.

Our close attention continues when our product is finally ready to be shipped to the customer. Computerized packing and shipment mean that when the finished product leaves our factory for delivery, we know that it will arrive right on schedule. All this gives us peace of mind in knowing we have made the right choices, just like the customer who chooses our products.

Because we believe that our customers, like us, will not be satisfied with anything other than a quality D SQUARED product

We specialize in all kinds of Timber doors, Kitchen cabinets, Vanity units, Wardrobes, Mill works and Composite wood products with Designing, incorporating all trades and offering a one-stop, hassle-free service. We collaborate with, and work alongside architects, interior designers and nominated suppliers to Professionally deliver high quality end-to-end products for the projects. Understanding our client’s needs is the key to our success particularly when working in live environments, ensuring minimal disturbance and maintaining ‘business as usual’. D SQUARED is committed to delivering on time and within budget to the highest levels of quality and finish. We continually evaluate ourselves as a company, responding to the changing needs of our clients, developing our staff and offering the best possible service levels at a competitive price. Our aim is to exceed our client’s expectations.

Expertise in Manpower Supply, Installation & Maintenance of